Two new publications 🙂

1. A joint work with Dr. Dan Yamin and our M.Sc. student Dean Langsam (and colleagues from the Ministry of Health) was published in “Vaccine”.
In this work, we developed a simple statistical model to capture the temporal patterns of pertussis incidence in Israel, calibrated and tested using laboratory-confirmed cases of pertussis for the Israeli population between 1998 and 2019. The model identifies a clear four-year periodicity of pertussis incidence over the past two decades that is identical to the one observed in the pre-vaccine era. Accounting for this periodicity, the model shows a 325% increase in pertussis incidence from 2002 to 2014. These multi-year trends were interrupted shortly after the introduction of routine immunization of Tdap vaccine in pregnancy in 2015, after which we found a 59.7% (95% CI: 57.7–61.6%) decline in pertussis incidence and a 49.5% (36.0–61.6%) decline in hospitalizations compared to the model’s projection. While this sharp decline cannot be fully attributed to the newly introduced vaccination policy, sharper reductions of 71.2% (65.6–76.1%) in incidence and 58.4% (39.6–72.7%) in hospitalizations, have been observed in infants of age two months and below – young infants that have yet to become vaccinated and are more likely to be protected by maternal vaccination. Our work suggests that Tdap vaccination during pregnancy is a promising policy for controlling pertussis. Furthermore, due to the stable periodicity of pertussis, public health decision-makers should invest continuous efforts in the implementation of this strategy with additional reinforcement in expected peak

Tdap Vaccination During Pregnancy Interrupts A Twenty-Year Increase In The Incidence Of Pertussis

2. A joint work with my Ph.D. student Shahar Somin and my colleagues Yaniv Altshuler (Endor), Goren Gordon (TAU) and Alex “Sandy” Pentland (MIT) was published in Nature Scientific Reports.
In this work, we study the trading of cryptocurrency tokens on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, which is the largest publicly available financial data source that has a granularity of individual trades and users, and which provides a rare opportunity to analyze and model financial behavior in an evolving market from its inception. This quickly developing economy is comprised of tens of thousands of different financial assets with an aggregated valuation of more than 500 Billion USD and typical daily volume of 30 Billion USD, and manifests highly volatile dynamics when viewed using classic market measures. However, by applying network theory methods we demonstrate clear structural properties and converging dynamics, indicating that this ecosystem functions as a single coherent financial market. These results suggest that a better understanding of traditional markets could become possible through the analysis of fine-grained, abundant and publicly available data of cryptomarkets.

Network Dynamics Of A Financial Ecosystem

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